What the Owners of the Laminar ST1100 Windshield/LIP Combo say about it.

Laminar ST1100 Combo     


        Thank you for an excellent product.  "It's the smallest fairing that gets the job done right." That's what you said when you sold it to me, and I'll have to agree with you.  I've tried everything on my ST-1100 (stock, Rifle +4, Clearview Gen.+2, Clearview Gen III "large"), and the Laminar windshield + lip is the best.  Plus, it LOOKS GOOD.


Thank you once again,   G. Hilgenhurst

Honda ST1100 screen ( Combo)

Rob M. in the uk. Tue, 13 Jun 2006


I received my screen last week and am very pleased with it. It was a perfect fit (much better than other after-market screen I have tried) and totally erradicates all wind buffeting. I was in two minds about selling my ST1100 because I couldn't get it pleasurable to ride but I'll certainly be keeping it now. Thanks again for your prompt service.

Laminar ST1100 Combo   3-15-06

Dallas A. B.
Atlanta, IL.

I received the windshield for my ST1100 in perfect order. It was a snap to install and fit even better than the stock windshield.

The best part however was the first ride I took with it installed.
I drove 35 minutes one-way through chilly 15-20mph cross-winds and COULD NOT BELIEVE the difference your product made!
The wind noise is still there (that's what earplugs are for) but the helmet buffeting is entirely gone. Nice smooth air and a better looking bike is what got in exchange for the cost of the LaminarLIP. It was without doubt the best $200.00 that I have spent yet.

Thank You for making a quality product that performs exactly as advertised!


Honda ST1100 Laminar Combo

Tony F.  Sun, 17 Apr 2005 19:15:15 +0100   -- England



I received one of your screens and lip in smoke for my ST 1100 a couple of weeks ago delivered promptly and as                         described.                   

Firstly I was impressed with the packaging and then the obvious quality of the product . As stated on your site the screen matched up exactly and was fitted very easily.


The first big bonus was how well the bike looked with the screen on, I was initially concerned that the smoke tint might obscure my view, however this was not the case and due to the angle of the screen the view is better than the OE screen.


It will come as no surprise to learn that the reduction in buffeting was immediately noticed and greatly increased my riding enjoyment.


However the real revelation was how much more planted the front end feels, the bike holds a much more secure and confidence inspiring line in to high speed bends as well as at motorway speeds (70 mph plus) something which I think you have underplayed. I don't know if it's

unique to Pan's but it is real performance enhancement. 


I would recommend your screens to anyone without hesitation and would be send some pictures of my bike if you need some Pic's of ST 1100's.


                        I only wish my Police Pan (European) had one on.


I've had my LaminarLip windshield combo mounted for a couple of weeks now and I love it. It is amazing in the difference it makes. My old shield was a stock without the cat eyes and the buffeting was the worst of any bike I have had. Mike Nemeth was kind enough to let me try his when he was out working on our bikes and I was impressed. I ordered it that night from CA Sport touring and had it a week later, (Thanks Kim).

Well today was the first chance to try it 2-up and Dawn was impressed too. She is no longer knocked around and said it was very smooth back there. So anyone looking for a nice shield to reduce the buffeting for you and your passenger I highly recommend the Laminar combo. (shield & lip)

Matt Rychtanek

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 19:38:27 0500



I have four windshields for my ST wanting to obtain a quiet ride.  I have heard of the Laminar Lip but have not tried that as of yet, mainly due to the fear of being disappointed and of course the cost of this little item.

 I'm not sure who posted this comment, but I completely understand and agree.  Which segways nicely into a comment I was going to share.

 I've owned a Rifle (+8), CV Gen II (+6, -2 sport) and 2 CV Gen III shields (L, XL). The last 3 are current.  I generally use the XL only for LD touring, or with the wife on a trip. Today, Kim Leong asked me if I'd like to try a Laminar set up (shield and lip).  "Sure!".  (We mounted it on his bike, as mine has the Touratech locking SP III mount which leaves no clearance to the CV shield). The Laminar is raked a bit more than the Stock or the CV.  The one I rode with today was 19" from top to bottom.  This is 1" shorter than the small CV (20"), and 5" shorter than my CV XL.  Needless to say, I was skeptical.

 But when I got up to speed on the freeway, I was very surprised at how quiet it was.  I felt the airflow with my hands, and this 5" shorter windscreen was doing a better job than my CV XL at cutting the buffeting and noise!  A very soft flow of air hitting my helmet about the same spot as the CV XL! 

 Ray Stevens

     Congratulations and many thanks for designing the Laminar Windshield and LIP. They are the best addition I have made to my ST1100 and there have been 5 or 6 major changes such as a custom seat and heated handle grips prior to this. Quite simply the Laminar Windshield and LIP has resulted in almost total elimination of helmet buffeting and wind noise. The appearance of the machine is definitely enhanced also. Most important is that this installation makes all my rides much more pleasurable.
Thanks again,    B. Hayes

   Ive now had the Laminar Lip windshield combo on my ST for about a month now. And I can honestly say I love it. A couple of months ago I borrowed a stock shield and for the first time understood what everyone was complaining about. I hated it and it came off the same day I put it on. I have had a Rifle +4 on the bike since I bought it 3 years ago. I did some mods to it and got it to where I was OK with it. The Laminar windshield and lip are a big improvement over the stock shield. The wind that does make it over to me is now a smooth stream of air,. I don't feel like I am being beat up like I did that day with the stock shield. Noise level is way down too. Last week I actually went out and bought me a new open face (Shoei RJ Air Platinum) helmet. My riding has taken on a whole new dimension. When the weather gets cold again I will go back to the full coverage helmet. But right now with this new shield I am going to enjoy the open air. One other plus with this new windshield, the bugs seem to have found a way around me. The windshield still takes a hit or two but nothing like before with the other shield. I meant to post something weeks ago but wanted to get the wife on the back and get some input from the person on the back. That still hasn't happened, she doesn't like to ride anymore. At some point I will get her on the back and let everyone know what she has to say.

 Keith R.

STOC #1211

When I installed the Laminar Windshield and Lip on my ST1100 I could
immediately tell this was a change for the better.  The head buffetting
went away and the wind noise was reduced dramatically.  Not only that,
the Laminar Windshield has sleeker look to it than the stock Honda
windshield.  Since the installation I have had many miles of riding
pleasure.  Thanks for a great product.

M. Johnson
1993 Honda ST1100 owner


 The Following was posted on the ST1100.com site


From: Rich Dluhy <dluhy@chem.uga.edu>

To: st1100@st1100.com

Subject: [ST-Riders] Laminar Lip - First Impressions

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 18:27:17 -0500

 Hello All

 After my (mis)adventures with trying to find the shy wellnuts (at least I learned a new word) that dropped off the front fairing, I eventually did manage to swap the STock windshield for a Laminar Lip/Windscreen combo this weekend.  And the weather cooperated, too (at least on Saturday).  So I got to test out this new combination for most of Saturday.

 A little background.  I'm 5'9" with a 32" inseam.  I prefer to look over the windscreen (in fact, the STock windshield was fine from this perspective).  But I was seriously bothered by the wind buffeting comingfrom the Honda windshield.  (Don't the Japanese have wind tunnels or simulation software for their design engineers?)  Anyway, my purpose behind buying the Laminar combo was to cut down the wind buffeting as much as possible.

 And boy, did it ever.  As soon as I got on the bike and took off with the new screen in place, the improvement was immediately noticeable.  This combo works exactly as advertised.  No more buffeting.  None.  Zip.  Nada.

 There is still wind noise.  That did not go away.  I don't think you ever get rid of that unless you go to a Gold Wing barn door type of screen.  The Lip's screen is too narrow for that.  But with ear plugs and a full face helmet the wind noise is significantly reduced.  And without the buffeting, the ride (even with the remaining wind noise) is significantly quieter than before.

 I must say that after about 5 hours experience with the Lip, the quality of the ride is significantly improved.  The height of the screen/lip is a bit further back and a bit higher than STock.  I have not played around with the location of the lip relative to the screen at all.  It may be that by raising it a bit, I can get the wind noise to calm down a bit also.  This may take some fiddling around.  But as of now my first impression is that I'm very pleased with the improvement.


 Rich Dluhy, Athens, GA, '01 ST1100,STOC 3730

 P.S.  I tried one interesting experiment:  As I was riding along, I took my hand off the left handlebar and put it just behind the windscreen.  Dead calm air.  Then I raised my hand slowly to the height of the screen.  Still dead calm air.  Continuing upward, as my hand just came over the top of the screen/lip combo, you really can feel the flow of smooth air coming off of the lip.  It feels like you put your hand in a flow of smooth water.  Someone put some thought into this thing.

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